NFT Staking

If you are not a gamer and simply want to invest, then NFT staking is a smart choice to profit from the Warrior you are owning.

Stake NFT earn CWIG

  • Stake your NFT Warrior and receive CWIG token. The amount of token receiving depends on the level of Warrior, the higher level Warrior are, the more token you earn. You can stake as many Warrior as you have.

Stake NFT + CWIG earn CWIG

  • In the NFT - CWIG pool, users only need 1 NFT as a condition to stake and the level of the NFT Warrior is also a bonus on the total amount of tokens received.

  • The amount of token receiving depends on the amount of tokens CWIG you put into the staking pool. The more CWIG you put in the pool, the more CWIG you receive back.

  • You can unstake CWIG at any time and in any amount. Once you unstake all staked CWIG in the pool, it will stop staking or when you unstake Warrior, staking is completed and you get your NFT and tokens back.

  • The amount of tokens when you harvest includes both the amount of CWIG deposited, and the staking reward

  • The supply of CWIG is unlimited.

Stake NFT + FIWA earn FIWA

  • Similar to the mechanism of the above pair NFT - CWIG, the NFT - FIWA pool require FIWA token and the reward token is also FIWA.

  • Unlike CWIG, FIWA has a given limited supply. Pool only lasts for a certain period of time

Boosted bonus

  • User when staking NFT will receive more NFT_boosted_bonus for staking_reward

  • User can stake multiple NFTs to increase NFT_boosted_bonus

  • MIN CAP NFT_boosted_bonus = 2%

  • MAX CAP NFT_boosted_bonus = 30%

Bonus formula for each NFT character

  • CP: Combat Power

  • Tier Factor

    • Tier 1: 1

    • Tier 2: 2

    • Tier 3: 3

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