World Boss

World boss is a game mode that allows multiple users to fight the boss at the same time.

About Boss:

  • There are 2 World Bosses and the following characteristics:

  • The boss will appear within 30 minutes and will end sooner if the boss is killed before that 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, but the boss has not been defeated, the system does not recognize the person who has the last hit but still has a reward calculated according to the leaderboard.

About the gameplay:

  • Each user can only set a maximum of 3 warriors and a minimum of 1 team to participate in fighting World Boss.

  • The player's team will attack the boss first

  • After all warriors in the user's squad have finished attacking, the boss will deal damage AOE, this damage is so large that it can destroy the entire user's squad in 1 hit, every boss attack uses this skill.

  • After being defeated by the boss, the user will have 15 seconds to respawn and continue to fight the boss until the world boss is defeated.

  • Players can use eCWIG to respawn faster and compete for last hits. The first respawn will take 2 eCWIG and increase with the number of times, each subsequent respawn will add 2 eCWIG

About the reward

  • Players receive rewards at the claim box

  • Players participating in the World Boss fight will receive a certain number of points based on the amount of damage dealt to the Boss. Leaderboard will be reset until a new boss of the same type appears. Different bosses, the reward will also be different

Fire Dragon

Ice Pluto

  • For the last hit will receive 5% of the total reward.

  • For players who are not in the Leaderboard, they can also receive a reward if they deal with the required amount of dmg

Staking ticket

  • Players stake FIWA to receive tickets to beat Ice Pluto Boss. After staking, the ticket will be received at Claim box

  • Each boss ticket will have a time corresponding to the number of FIWA staking days

  • In a day, the user can only choose 1 of 2 types of tickets to beat the boss:

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