Players use facilities earned while playing game to form nodes. All structures on the planet are built of facilities.

The mining mode currently consists of 6 planets:

  • 1 energy planet which creates electric for mining activities

  • 5 crypto planets (BTC, ETH, updating) where player can mine body-parts' fragments relating to each planet's type and eCWIG.

Some concepts in this mode:

  • Each crypto planet is called a mega pool and can consist of a maximum 15 pools when upgrading .

  • Wallet is the resources' capacity of a planet.

  • Node is the resource extraction structure.Full node is bigger than a node.

  • There are two types of node and two types of full node, the first one has a higher chance of mining eCWIG than fragments , the other does inversely.

  • Pool is a group of nodes and full nodes.

  • Consensus is production rate bonus when the pool reach the specified number of nodes or full nodes.

  • Energy is used in both nodes and full nodes for mining

Power station is the only structure that can be constructed on an energy planet. It generates energy for the mining process on other planets and can be only purchased with eCWIG.

There are two types of power station differing in capacity and production rate.

The number of power stations that could be built on the energy planet depends on the capacity of this planet which can be expanded.

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