Championship is set up similar to famous football tournaments in which Warriors will fight each other through multiple rounds to receive more attractive prizes from all the participants contributed.


  • To participate, players must pay 3,000 fiwa as a participation fee, and this amount of fiwa will be added to the prize pool.

  • There are 3 warriors (maximum). All Warriors participating in the tournament are counted from CP level 1

  • The user needs to set the squad to fight in the tournament, and can change up to 3 times during the tournament (calculated for each time the "Save team" button is pressed)

  • 1 tournament will have 16 teams participating and divided into 4 groups. Each team will play a total of 6 matches in the group. There can be many tournaments taking place at the same time, as long as there are 16 teams registered, it will form 1 tournament.


  • 6 matches of the group stage in each group will be held on the same day, and continuously (each match is 10 minutes apart).

  • 4 quarterfinals, 2 semi-finals and 1 final will be held the next day with the same time as the group stage.


  • When the player clicks register, the player's slot will be kept for 10p, if successfully registered that slot will belong to the player.

  • If registration is not successful (cancel Metamask), the player will lose that slot, and must click re-register if he wants to play.

  • If many people register at the same time and the player does not keep the slot in time, he will be transferred to another league if there is still a league available

  • Each season (1 month) organizes 5 scheduled leagues


  • Each user's next match will be notified of the time on the board.

  • Before the match time, the user needs to check ready (5 minutes before the match happens)

  • When the match starts, the user who has checked ready will automatically enter the match, the user who has not checked will not be allowed to enter the match.

  • If only 1 user enters the match, that user will fight (both manual or auto mode) with the other user's squad according to the auto mechanism (currently 5 turns without moving will count as losing the battle)

  • If 2 users have checked to be ready (online), then the match will automatically enter and 2 users will fight each other as usual.

  • If by the time the game starts, both users are offline, both will be put into auto mode, after that user is online, they will see the result of that match.

  • Each match will take place for a maximum of 5 minutes, when the game starts, if players do not join, they will play in automatic mode. If the player joins, the player can switch from automatic to autonomous. When 5 minutes is up, the match result will be automatically calculated for the player. If 5 minutes is up and there is still no victory or defeat, the team with the most blood will win the match.

Tournament format

  • Group stage: Each team will play 6 matches in a round-robin format, including 2 turns to go and return.

  • After each match, the teams will be counted the winning - losing performance. If 2 teams have the same performance after playing all 6 matches, then there will be a tie-break to choose the winning team to proceed to the next round.

  • Each group will choose the top 2 teams to play in the quarterfinals

  • Quarterfinals will match the team according to: First A - Second B, Best B- look at A. Similar to tables C and

  • The winner of the quarterfinals will be qualified for the semi-finals, and the same goes for the final


Reward will be distributed equally to the following items:

  • First place in the group / Win the quarterfinals / Win the semi-finals and the Champion

  • There are no second, third and fourth prizes for groups.

  • After passing the qualifying round and the quarter-finals / semi-finals. Fiwa will be sent to the winner

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