Defi Warrior

NFT Market

As soon as NFT warriors are “revealed”, DWERs can trade your assets on DeFi Warrior’s NFT Marketplace in the form of buy-sell.
The game development team has planned to propose as easy as possible methods for players to access it in a very early stage of the game drop map. However, it would be harder or challenging to get a Warrior in the future when it becomes a rarity over time so the NFT Market must be a dynamic place for trading activities.
The NFT Market offers a variety of NFT types such as:
  • NFT Warriors is released in the very early stage of product roadmap.
  • NFT Bodyparts which are used for players to assemble or get changed with the current bodyparts of Warriors. The thing is about to diverse Warrior's skill and power.
  • NFT Lands: the function of this will be revealed in a near futures.
The price:
  • FIWA is used for buying and selling. The price of Warrior is decided by users.
  • 4% total amount of transaction is deducted as transaction fee and a certain percentage of this 4% will be burnt for balancing purpose of the economy.
Featured function
  • Feature function allows you to sell your NFT faster when displayed at the top of the board.
  • For each successful featured NFT transaction, the fee will be 6%.
AUCTION Function
The features AUCTION applied on the trading of the platform will make buying and selling rare NFTs will become more bustling in the future.
  • Warriors' level will be reset to level 1 whenever user confirms to buy on NFT Market
  • Tiers, skills and accessories will be remained as Warrior's information on the NFT Market
  • Warriors bought on the NFT Market from Tier 2 or Tier 1 have a significant advantage is non-evolved needed. It means users do not have to pay for evolution fee.