Multiplayer mode is a PvP aspect of the game in which players select three to five monsters to fight against an opponent. The player needs to have at least 3 warriors to join this mode

Each season, when entering the battle, the system will match two players in considering these two factors:

  • The current grade of player ( for the first 5 matches the opponent is determined randomly, then the player’s grade is formed based on the victory points acquired after these 5 matches.)

  • The recent percentage of winning matches.

Victory Points (or points) are gained from winning matches. The amount gained from each battle is determined by the ranking of the opponent, with higher ranked opponents awarding more points, and lower ranked players awarding less.

The points will be deducted when losing a match. Point deductions happen inversely to wins, meaning that losing against lower ranked players will result in larger point deductions while losing against higher ranked players will result in lower deductions.


Victory points will be reset after each season. A season lasts for a month. Victory points also form the player’s grade. There are all 20 grades.

In addition, players also receive rewards based on daily, weekly and monthly rankings, which are determined by the amount of points accumulated from battles.

The player can receive lucky tickets in daily reward, gacha tickets and lucky tickets in weekly reward, body-parts, body-part’s fragments and gacha tickets in monthly reward.

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