Skills & bodypart

Each Warrior is divided into 6 body parts including: head, body, 2 arms and 2 legs. Three of these bodyparts will have skills attached and the other three will have no skills.




Other effect



Hat/Hair/ Earring/Mask/Glasses




Weapon hand


Main Weapon

Equipped hand


Secondary weapon


Left leg



Right leg


(*) increase attribute

Each warrior will have 1 default skill and from 0-3 body part skill. Depending on the type of body part, there will be or no skills. Each warrior will have 3 slots for body part skill, these slots will be unlocked when the warrior evolves. In case a user buys a warrior on NFT market with a star number greater than 1, the number of skill slots will correspond to the number of stars of that warrior, namely:

  • 1 star: 1 skill slot

  • 2 stars: 2 skill slots

  • 3 stars: 3 skill slots

These skill slots are used to attach body part skills to use in combat, and it is possible to exchange this body part skill with another bodypart skill.

Each Warrior originally created has 1 default skills and 0 - 1 bodypart skill called secondary skill, the other skills can be unlocked over the evolution as mentioned above:‌

  • The default skill

  • Secondary skill will be attached to a random part of Warrior. Depending on the type of the bodypart, the warrior will have 1 or 2 skills.

Empower Warrior by collect bodyparts to diverse Warrior's skills

In the progress of leveling up the Warrior via evolution, players will be able to open more skill slots for using more skills from other bodyparts. At that time, players will be able to change different skills by changing different bodyparts into Warrior. One note that only Warriors of the same planet can swap bodyparts and each planet obtains a limit of 1000 bodyparts.

Bodyparts are colectible NFT associated with a skill or accessory to show that power and rarity. Players who own bodyparts can increase their character's combat ability by changing the bodyparts to suit their strategy. A significant notice here is that, only warriors with original bodyparts are eligible to evolve to a higher level. This means that players need to reset all changing of Warrior back to the default Warriors of latest-evolved Warrior to do the next evolution.

In addition to buying this NFT bodypart on the market, players can also get it from in-game activities or events.‌

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