Defi Warrior


Create new Warrior from the owning one.
The progress creating a new Warrior from the current one called FORK. Player need Fork card to able to fork. The newly created Warrior will inherit many of the characteristics of the parent Warrior. There are 2 factors that affect the child Warrior's stats:
  • Base stats of the mother Warrior.
  • Fork card bonus stats. The rarer the fork card, the higher the bonus stat
Requirements for Warriors to Fork
  • Warriors can fork at any level as long as they have a fork card
  • Each warrior has a maximum of 5 forks
  • The token pair of CWIG-FIWA is used to fork
  • Child stat will be based on parent stat and be bonus based on fork card stats
About Fork Card
  • 3 types of Fork card: Common, Rare, Extremely rare
  • Different rarity, different random bonus stats. The more precious the card, the higher the bonus will be.
  • On each Fork card, there will be information about the stats that the child warrior is bonus.
  • The number of fork cards will be released in each season and users can get multiple fork cards in each release.
Reservation Fork card (RFC)
  • Players receive RFC when playing Adventure.
  • When you pass a certain level, you will receive an RFC.
  • When you get an RFC, you will be placed in the queue to receive the Fork card.
  • Or use a Premium gacha ticket to draw out an RFC: 250 Premium Gacha tickets will be exchanged for one RFC
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