Play-to-earn in the Arena

With Defi Warrior, one of the main prerequisites is that you must have a Warrior to start the game modes.

  • You want to level up Warrior, you are a professional and play to find rewards for other activities, then Adventures is the place to give you everything. Play to find rewards that are NFTs or items to perform other tasks in the game and earn income

  • If you want more intense battles between players, PvP is for you. Here, you will come up with the right strategies for your team to fight with opponents and compete in the rankings to receive special rewards.

  • In addition, Championship or tournament will also be another dramatic competition format that takes place periodically or seasonal special events that promise to award extremely attractive prizes.

  • Owning a base of its own to gather miners and generate daily income is the idle earning mechanism that every player wants in Defi Warrior. Mining mode allows players to collect in-game facilities or purchase them at the in-game shop to build Nodes (miners) on their Pools and thereby receive tokens or other valuable rewards without battle.

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