Defi Warrior

The galaxy

The Galaxy
We call the miniature world of Defi Warrior a galaxy, which contains many different planets and entities that nourish Warriors to become stronger and unique.


Planets are the highest unit that distinguishes Warrior types from other planets. As originally mentioned about character, each planet will be formed based on the criteria of a chain. Cryptocurrency with similar standards will share the same planet. This means that the Warriors representing that cryptocurrency are also divided into their respective planets.
Planet is also the place where the Warrior's conquest activities take place when fighting bosses or enemies to receive rewards.


Pool is a collection of many nodes, each pool will have a maximum size. The larger the pool, the more nodes it can contain..
Players can buy at the Shop-in-game to enlarge the size for building nodes, and increase the mining income.


Nodes are the smallest unit on a planet, and also entities that create new assets for players through mining activities.
Nodes are made up of facilities that players pick up in the game such as playing Adventure, Gacha ticket. A complete node is fully assembled parts from required facilities. A node consists of the following components:
Node can only work when you provide energy. Energy can be collected at energy generator in Energy Planet or can also be purchased at the shop-in-game in eCWIG.
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