NFT Lending

Basically, Lending feature allows players to lend their character's NFT to others to participate in the game. Transactions will be recorded by Smart Contract and no collateral is required.

Normal Lending

This is a form of rental that all players can join. By posting NFT for rent on the marketplace and setting a desired rental price and duration, users were able to profit from this without having to do anything.

For Lender, you should fill the information as the image below to finish the lending:

  • Rental price/day

  • Duration

  • Allow forking or not and fees for this if having. A notice that the new Warrior created from the Lending Warrior will belong to the Borrower. Hence, Lender should make a consideration on this fee.

  • Promote: if you want your Warrior can be lent as soon as possible, use this function and your lending Warrior will be showed on the top.


  • Normal Lending allows user to use lending Warrior to join all the game modes and events of the game except IWO modes and Evolution

  • All assets created in game that relevant to the lending Warrior will belong to the Borrowers

  • When the rental period ends, the warrior will automatically return to the lender's wallet

Private Lending

Unlike Normal Lending, Private Lending only lease to a certain wallet address, which means that Warriors can't be seen by everyone on the Marketplace, but only in the borrower's wallet if given by the Lender.

The private lessor needs to fill in the following information to lend warrior:

  • Specific Wallet: the wallet that Lender wants to lend Warriors

  • Duration

  • Allow forking or not: for private lending, the new warrior will belong to the Lender

  • Allow evolution or not

  • Borrower profit: set a percentage of profit that Lenders want to share with Borrowers.


  • All assets created in game that relevant to the lending Warrior will belong to the Lenders

  • Lenders have right to withdrawn warriors lending any time.

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