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    Where do I play DeFi Warrior? You can play Defi Warrior directly on the website via the link: Currently, the publisher is developing Mobile Version that will be released soon, then you can download and play the game on your mobile devices.
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    How to play the game? There are 3 steps for you to start playing Defi Warrior: Step 1: Download and install Metamask: You can download Metamask here:
    Step 2: Buy Warrior You can buy Warrior in the following ways Warrior batch: (From events from the publisher) Marketplace: NFT Two Dollar IWO event
    Step 3: Play the game You can play the game through the link: See more:
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    How many warriors needed for PVE and PVP? PVE: At least 1 Warrior PVP: At least 3 Warriors
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    What's the minimum investment for playing our game? This number depends on your investment in the game DeFi Warrior, and the investment value also depends on the Fiwa exchange rate in the market. The price can range from 30~100 USD 1 Warrior (Estimated) To play the game you need to have at least 1 Warrior To fully experience the features you need 3-5 Warriors
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    How long is the ROI? It also depends on how much you invest in Defi Warrior, how long you play the game, and your reinvestment. Case 1: Buy Warrior, then Marketplace: With a basic squad (3 Warriors) and you accept to reinvest in the game, you can take 1-2 months to be able to pay back. Note: This time is also affected by the FIWA rate as well as the CWIG rate. The above data is calculated at the price FIWA=0.005 USDT and CWIG=0.002 USDT
    Case 2: You can buy Warriors from special events. This is the case when you are lucky to have bought Warrior cheaply from events organized by the publisher. In this case, it can only take a few days for you to pay back and make a profit because the amount of money you have to spend is not large.
    See more Maximize earning in DeFi Warrior: Tips & tricks:
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    What is NFT Two Dollars? And How to join? This is a special DeFi Warrior event where lucky players can get Warriors for just two dollars Learn more:
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    If I win Two Dollars event, what will I get? For Participant as NFT Provider: Will get profit from selling tickets to buyer if NFT is sold successfully For participants as ticket buyers: You will get NFT if you win
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    What is lending function? This is a function that allows you to borrow Warrrior from Other Users to be able to play the game. Learn more:
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    Can I borrow NFT for fork? This depends on the Warrior you hire. Warriors tagged Forkable on Marketplace are forkable Warriors. You will have to pay an extra fee to the lessor to be able to fork. In addition, you also need to prepare more fork cards to be able to Fork Warrior. See more about Fork features:
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    How to join IWOs? To participate in IWO you need: Step 1: Go to the page: For information on ongoing events. Step 2: Click on the event you want to join Step 3: Connect the wallet Step 4: Own at least 1 Warrior (skip this step if you already have one) Step 5: Sign and agree to the terms Step 6: Deposit the respective funds Step 7: Wait for the date and claim the prizes Learn more:
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    How to earn this game? Có rất nhiều cách để bạn có thể kiếm tiền trong Defi Warrior: - Play PvE - Play PvP - Play Bounty Hunting - Play World Boss - Play Mining - Complete Daily Mission - Spin Gacha - Play IWO mode Learn more :
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    What is the fork and evolution function? Fork: Create a new Warrior from the original Warrior Conditions: 1 amount of FIWA and CWIG (depending on the number of Forks of the original Warrior) and Fork Cards. Introduction:
    Evolution: Upgrading Warriors to make them stronger Conditions: 1 amount of FIWA and CWIG and a certain level Warrior (10, 20) Introduction:
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