Warriors are classified by Planets and Classes which will have certain effects on them in the game


Each Warrior born will belong to a certain planet. The planet is divided according to the current standards of forming cryptocurrencies. This means, what standard the representative cryptocurrency of Warrior is formed, the Warriors will belong to the planet has that standard.

A planet will have many cryptocurrencies used to name Warriors, a cryptocurrency will have many Warriors born with certain characteristics and traits.

The planets released soon in Beta version can be named as:

  1. Bitcoin planet has BTC, BCH, etc.

  2. Ethereum Planet has ETH, etc.

  3. Other planets will be revealed on the project's official channels

Planets do not affect the character's base stats but will affect on other activities in the game.


Characters are also divided into many different types of classes. Warriors of the same class will have certain advantages in the game such as changing bodyparts of each other, etc.

A Warrior belongs to a certain class and one planet. A class can contain multiple Warrior lines and Warriors of the same cryptocurrency also belong to many classes

Warrior line




Gangster, Knight

Gangster Class


Gangster, Mechanical

Mechanical Class


Mechanical, Knight

Knight Class


Soldier, Mage

Mage Class


Soldier, Hunter

Soldier Class


Mage, Hunter

Hunter Class

The classes and planets will be added over time when more Warriors are issued.

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