Own a Warrior

Warriors is a prerequisite for you to get started with Defi Warrior. Here are ways you can get yourself a Warrior.

Community Portal

The community portal is where the Warriors are sold in batches. The timing of these sales is not fixed and will usually be announced in advance on Defi Warrior's communication channels.FIWA token is used to directly buy Warriors in Community Portal.

The notice is that every Warriors priced the same value at the time after created. Each player can own multiple characters in the same or different planet. Characters representing a digital currency will have certain biological characteristics that make them different.

Read here for the instruction: https://defi-warrior.medium.com/how-do-dwers-buy-nft-warrior-for-the-2nd-release-cce25f53824f

Loyalty Portal

Locking a certain amount of FIWA in a required time to have a slot to buy a Warrior. Users lock the same amount and follow the rule "first come first served" for having a slot. Users who get slots successfully will definitely can buy a new Warrior without queuing like Community Portal.

NFT Market

NFT Market has been opened for users to buy and sell NFT Warrior between each other. FIWA is the cryptocurrency used for trading. The seller is charged 4% fee for a successful transaction and a part of this collected transaction fee will be burned to keep the cash flow balance.

The auction feature will also be opened soon so that buying and selling rare NFTs will become more bustling in the future.


IGO is also another way for users to own a Warrior from projects raising fund on the Defi Warrior platform. This part will be discussed in more depth below.

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