Defi Warrior


Defi Warrior is developed by a team of experienced professionals in both technology and Blockchain. We have 5+ years of expertise in developing 05 Crypto exchanges for Japanese & Global markets, crypto wallets, establishing private blockchains, NFT marketplaces, and DEXs. One of our prides is the in-house game development team, Smart Studio Game, with excellent individuals more than 10 years of experience and also produced many outstanding games.
DeFi Warrior is a project of HITECH HORIZON LTD located in BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS

Founding team

Mark Dao - Co-founder
Founder & CEO - BAP Group Former Game System Engineer and PM at CyberAgent Group Japan (Ameba game) 5+ years in blockchain development and crypto investment
Victor Truong - Co-founder
FCCA, Certified Internal Auditor CEO - BAP Ventures 10+ years in Business & Finance 4+ years in crypto investment
Loi Luu - Cofounding Advisor
CEO & Co-founder at Kyber Network
Long Vuong - Cofounding Advisor
CEO & Founder at Tomochain
The forerunner of Smart Game Staudio is the Funkoi company whose founder is Mr. Daniel, a Google Technical Leader in Silicon Valley. Later, Funkoi was acquired by BAP and is continuing to grow at the present.
Some achievements can be named as:
The Beat Master - Top #2 US in 2021
Screw Factory - Top #100 US market
Metal Heroes - Featured on Google Store


Daniel Jeppsson
Technical Project Lead at Google
18+ years working in game development
Riley Tran
Co-founder GFS Ventures
Country Director - Near Protocol
Barek Sekandari
COO of Fantom
Director of SKchain Ventures
Alexandre De Damas
Founder & CEO of Damacorp Global
Partner of Quantum Fintech Group
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